Pana-Mate Fedora

Emthunzini HatsA classic looking panama style Fedora sun hat, made from crush resistant Flexibraid material. Lightweight and hard-wearing, a great travel companion for both men and women. NEW COLOURS: Navy, Taupe Unisex Style Flexibraid material: crush resistant - maintains its shape, colourfast UPF50+ Hand Washable Brim Size: 6 cm Size: M/L...

R 599.00

Monroe Capeline Emthunzini Sun Hat
Monroe Capeline

Emthunzini HatsA stylish sun hat made from travel friendly Flexibraid material with a wide brim to maximize sun protection. Providing perfect shade for your face and neck, this summer hat will keep you cool all day. Finished with a chic patterned scarf around the crown.Travel friendly, simply squash flat in...

R 649.00

Lionel Trilby Emthunzini Hat
Lionel Trilby

Emthunzini HatsA classic black and white braided wide brimmed Trilby hat, with a black ribbon trim around the crown. Ideal sun hat for men and women who want to wear a lightweight hat all day. Packable & travel friendly, squash flat in your suitcase. Unisex Style 60% Polyester, 40% Polypropylene...

R 599.00


Emthunzini HatsEasy to wear sun hat offering sun protection wherever you go!This mannish style has a matching cord trim around the crown and tie at the side. A soft, lightweight sun hat ideal for all outdoor activities and is also packable, washable, crush resistant and travel friendly! NEW COLOURS: Mixed Black,...

R 549.00

Hugh Trilby Unisex Emthunzini Sun Hat
Hugh Trilby

Emthunzini HatsA wide brim Trilby sun hat for men and women. Natural looking braided hat with an elegant PU leather trim across the crown. Our unique Natural Fibre material combination makes this sun hat light and durable, ideal for travel. Squash flat in your suitcase. Unisex Style 50% Polyester, 50%...

R 649.00

Avoca Fedora Sky Blue Sun Hat
Avoca Fedora

Emthunzini HatsA feminine shallow crown Fedora style ladies sun hat in soft pastel shades with a shorter brim that still provides good shade for your face. Comfortable and adjustable, made from travel friendly Flexibraid material. Finished with an elegant twisted Raffia trim around the crown, bow at the back and...

R 699.00

Resort Trilby Emthunzini Unisex Hat
Resort Trilby

Emthunzini HatsStylish unisex Trilby sun hat with contrasting black band trim, slightly turned up at the back for that casual weekend look. Pair with your favourite jeans and a relaxed shirt. A crush resistant, easy-to-wear hat perfect for your travel bag! Unisex Style 90% Natural Fibre, 10% Polybraid Spot Washable...

R 599.00


Emthunzini HatsFormal or informal, our classic stiff Wool Fedora with soft rolled edges is a luxurious winter hat essential for both men and women, yet lightweight enough to wear in spring and summer too. 100% Wool Felt Spot Washable UPF50+ Brim Size: 6,5 cm Size: M/L - 58 cm & L/XL...

R 1,299.00

Raffia Cowboy

Emthunzini HatsStylish ladies raffia cowboy summer hat with suede and raffia rope trim. The wire in the brim allows you to style this versatile hat up as a cowboy, or as straight as a Capeline! Perfect for the beach or paired with your favorite summer dress. 100% Raffia, lined Spot Washable UPF50+...

R 799.00

Braided Fedora

Emthunzini HatsA lightweight crush-resistant sun hat style with medium sized brim, ideal for travel! The natural fibre blend keeps your head cool all day, and the brim provides good shade coverage. Perfect for beach holidays and all outdoor activities.To pack, simply squash flat in your suitcase. Suits both men and...

R 599.00

Anna Bucket

Emthunzini HatsAn elegant short brim bucket style with coordinating ribbon trim and edging in minimalist black and white. Timeless and easy to wear with any outfit, a must-have hat this summer!Packable and crush resistant, simply squash flat or roll up - the perfect travel companion. 80% Polyester, 20% Polypropylene Hand Washable...

R 599.00

Audrey Classic

Emthunzini HatsFoldable, crushable and very stylish. The Audrey is your perfect travel hat in minimalist black & white, with a wide brim to maximize sun protection. Feminine and comfortable summer sun hat, perfect for the beach! BLACK: 100% Polyester BLACK/WHITE: 60% Polyester, 40% Polypropylene Hand Washable UPF50+ Brim Size: 10 cm...

R 599.00


Emthunzini HatsLightweight sun hat made from crush resistant Flexibraid material, ideal for your next safari or beach holiday. Finished with a faux suede plaited trim detail around the crown and stitched ribbon loop. Flexibraid material: lightweight, crush resistant - maintains its shape Hand Washable UPF 50+ Brim Size: 6 cm...

R 599.00


Emthunzini HatsA stylish Autumn & Winter suede hat available in 2 trendy colours. Lightweight enough to wear in Spring too, adding boho chic to your wardrobe. Pair with a maxi dress and sneakers for effortless style! Suede/Polyester Spot Washable UPF50+ Brim Size: 10 cm Size: M/L - 58 cm Drawstring...

R 649.00


Emthunzini HatsOur stylish braided hat with an oversized brim in mocha pink and classic white. The 20 mm ribbon around the crown offers that finishing touch, your perfect resort hat offering excellent sun protection for your face and neck. Oversized Wide Brim 100% Polyester Hand Washable UPF50+ sun protection Brim Size:...

R 599.00


Emthunzini HatsCrocheted Raffia Fedora style ladies hat with a pinched crown, finished with a string of diamanté trim around the crown. An elegant, comfortable hat with a touch of sparkle. 100% Madagascan Raffia Straw, lined Spot Washable UPF50+ Brim Size: 8 cm Size: M/L - 58 cm Internal drawstring adjusts...

R 849.00


Emthunzini HatsClassic Fedora style sun hat with a wide Petersham band in black around the crown. Made from lightweight natural fibre, which means your head will stay cool all summer at the beach, on safari or hiking!To pack, simply squash flat in your suitcase. Suits both men and women. 100% Natural...

R 549.00


Emthunzini HatsA rustic, lightweight suede hat in earthy colours. Soft to the touch and easy to adjust, comfortable enough to wear all day at the beach or on safari. Perfect all weather hat style, on trend in all seasons! Unisex Style 100% Polyester Suede Spot Washable UPF50+ Brim Size: 6...

R 649.00


Emthunzini HatsLightweight wide brim sun hat offering excellent sun protection, your ideal bush hat. With adjustable toggle chinstrap and wooden bead. Packable and travel friendly, simply squash flat or roll up on your next Safari adventure! NEW COLOUR: Beige Unisex Style 100% Polyester UPF50+ Hand Washable Brim Size: 7 cm Size:...

R 599.00


Emthunzini HatsA glammed-up visor ideal for that beach inspired style. With gold edged suede ribbon detail, and Velcro straps to easily adjust the fit. The interior sweatband ensures a secure and comfortable fit all day! Easy to pack into your travel bag. 100% Natural Fibre Spot Washable Size: M/L - 58...

R 499.00